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Gaming Device Examinations

Legal (casino type) gambling machines

Canadian Criminal Code defines the gambling machine (or slot machine) as any machine whose outcome depends on chance or combination of chance and skill. As long as there is any chance involved it would be considered gambling regardless of the extent of skill. All gambling devices are illegal unless sanctioned by the provincial governments. Therefore all gambling machines operating in the government-approved casinos are legal.

Illegal gambling machines

All gambling machines operating outside casinos are considered to be illegal. Most of them are video games like: Poker, Lucky 8 Lines, Keno, Quarter Horse and so on. They are similar to casino machines, the main difference being in indirect payout. Some of these games can be modified in order to become legal.

Carnival type machines

These machines are licensed to operate at specific places (agricultural fairs and amusement parks) and times. Outside these places they are usually considered gambling machines (this depends on jurisdiction) and are illegal. They are based on mixed skill and chance. With some modification (depending on jurisdiction) these machines may be legally used without license.

Games of skill

As long as the outcome of a game depends entirely on the player it is considered a game of skill and can legally operate without license. Examination of these games should confirm the absence of chance

Gaming Math Model Development and Casino Game Design

Over the years Forensic Science Services has been involved in the development of math models for the gaming sector. With a vast amount of experience in the development of math model documentation. Whether you have your own concept for a casino game design or you'd like us to come up with an original concept we can certainly be of assistance from design, math modeling, integration and testing.

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