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About Forensic Science Services, Inc.

Dr Stevan Pausak (Ph.D. from M.I.T. – 1973) has 29 years of experience as forensic scientist and expert witness. For 23 years he was employed by The Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto. The last 6 years he operates forensic consulting business under the name Forensic Science Services, Inc. (FSSI). His forensic work was done in all provinces of Canada and in US. He is a member of The Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and The Canadian Society of Forensic Science (CSFS)

Forensic Science Services offers the following services:

Audio examinations:

Video examinations:

Gaming, examinations:

Electric / Electronic examinations of the equipment and devices for the faults leading to property damage, injury and death:

  • Electrical appliances, tools and machines
  • Electrical installations (fires and explosions)
  • Medical devices and aids
  • Electronic devices
  • Batteries
  • Electronic weapons (stun guns, tasers, cattle prods)

Court testimony in above areas

Evaluation of forensic reports


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