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Forensic Expert Qualitifcations

Full Name:

  • Stevan Pausak


  • Forensic Scientist - Applied Physics and Physical Chemistry

Areas of Work:

  • Audio examinations
  • Video examinations
  • Electric and electronic examinations
  • Gaming
  • Evaluation of the forensic reports and interpretation of their findings
  • Court testimony in the above areas

Training and Experience:

1964 - 1965 Research Centre for Nuclear and Thermo Techniques, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia - nuclear power plants (systems design); U. of Sarajevo, Dept. for Mechanical Engineering - teaching Technical Physics.

1965 - 1968 Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy, Zemun, Yugoslavia - radiation physics and NMR (magnetic resonance) spectroscopy.

1968 - 1974 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NMR Laboratory an Research Laboratory of Electronics, Cambridge, Massachusetts - research in molecular structures and interactions, design and building of electronic devices for radio spectroscopy; cryogenics; superconducting magnets; computer interfacing and programming; teaching various courses in physics and chemistry.

1975 - 1998 Ministry of the Solicitor General, The Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, Ontario - research and development in forensic science, voice identification, gun-shot sound analysis, identification of various sounds, audio enhancement, electric and electronic examinations, gaming devices, card games, lottery tickets, court testimony in Ontario; court testimony and/or forensic work in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

1993 - 1997 Ontario Gaming Control Commission and The Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, Ontario - testing , verification and approval of casino gaming devices

1998 - Present Forensic Science Services, Inc., Oakville, Ontario - forensic audio, electric and electronic examinations, gaming, consulting, court testimony.

Academic Qualifications:

B.Sc. 1960 - 1964 Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade

1964 - 1965
Solid State Physics, University of Sarajevo

M.Sc. 1965
- 1968 Spectroscopy, University of Belgrade

Ph.D. 1969
- 1973 NMR Spectroscopy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Other Sources and Training:

“Course in Handling of Radioactive Materials” - Nuclear Institute Boris Kidric, Vinca, Yugoslavia, 1966

“Speech Communication and Electronic Processing of Speech”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., 1977

“Digital Speech Processing”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., 1980

“Magnetic Recording Engineering”, George Washington University, Continuing Engineering Education, Ottawa, 1984

Ontario Coroner’s Course, Toronto, Ontario, 1985

“Electrical Trauma: Biophysical Mechanisms of Tissue Injury and Clinical Concepts”,University of Chicago, Center for Continuing Medical Education, Chicago, 1989

Testing, approval and verification of gaming devices, DGE (Department of Gaming Enforcement), Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1994

Testing, approval and verification of gaming devices in Nevada, Nevada Gaming Control Board, Reno, Nevada, 1995

“Gaming Devices: hardware and software”, IGT ( International Gaming Technology), Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995

Membership's in Professional and Scientific Societies:

Member: Canadian Society of Forensic Science

Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers Society (IEEE) - general
IEEE Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing Society

Publications and Papers

1. “NMR Investigations of Sorbed Water on the Biological Materials”, III Simposium on the Application of Nuclear Energy, Belgrade, October 1-3, 1967.

2. “Problems and Possibilities of Application of NMR for Oil Content Determination in Plant Seeds”, III Symposium on the Application of Nuclear Energy, Belgrade, October 1-3, 1967.

3. “Transient NMR Selection Method in Plant Breeding”, Acta Chem. Scand., 21, 1664, (1967).

4. Studies of Oil and Weight Distribution in Sunflower Achenes.I.

5. “NMR Method for Determination of Oil in Individual Seeds of Oil Yielding Plants”, M.Sc. Thesis, U. of Belgrade, 1968.

6. “NMR Method for Determination of Specific Surface Area - Study of the State of Adsorbed Polar Vapor on Zeolite 5A”, J. Phys. Chem., 73, 1975 (1969).

7. “Investigation of Propylene Sorption on Zeolites 4A, 5A and 13X by the NMR method”, Surface Science 18, 204 (1969).

8. “C(13) Chemical Shielding Tensors in Single-Crystal Durene”, J. Chem. Phys., 50, 591, (1973).

9. “Nuclear Relaxation In Gaseous Methylfluoride and Fluoroform”, J. Chem. Phys., 61, 2165 (1974).

10. “C(13) Chemical Shielding Tensors in Poly-Alkylbenzenes”, J. Chem. Phys., 61, 1338, (1974).

11. “Cascade Enhancement of NMR Spectra of Dilute Spins in Solids”, Chem.Phys.Let., 30, 77, (1975).

12. “C(13) Shielding Anisotropy in Oxalic Acid, Oxalic Acid Hydrate and Diammonium Oxalate”, 63, 1267 (1975).

13. “C(13) Relaxation and Anisotropy Study of Dimethylketen Dimer. Relation with Crystal Structure, J.Chem. Phys.

14. “C(13) Shielding Tensors in Single Crystal Durene. Nuclear Relaxation in Polyatomic Gases” Ph.D. Thesis, MIT 1973.

15. “Voice Analysis and its Forensic Application”, Internal Report, Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, 1977.

16. “Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE) - Truth and Deception”, Internal Report, Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, 1978.

17. “Forensic Application of SEM/EDX”, Paper presented at CSFS 1979 annual meeting in Montreal.

18. “Forensic Application of SEM/EDX”, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Vol.II, p.185 (1979).

19. “Lie Detectors based on Voice Analysis”, paper presented at CSFS 1979 annual meeting in Montreal.

20. “Speaker Identification, Present and Future”, Paper presented at CSFS 1979 annual meeting in Montreal.

21. “Electrical and Electronic Examinations: Electrocution”, Paper presented at CSFS 1980 Annual meeting in Toronto.

22. “Electrical and Electronic Examinations: Radio Equipment, Medical Aids, Batteries”, Paper Presented at CSFS 1980 annual meeting in Toronto.

23. “Examinations of Magnetic Recordings”, Paper presented at CSFS 1981 annual meeting in Hamilton.

24. “Speaker Identification as an Investigative Tool’, Paper presented at CSFS 1986 annual Meeting in Niagara Falls.

25. “Discussion of some Electrocution Cases”, Paper presented at CSFS 1986 annual meeting at Niagara Falls.

26. “Scientific and Legal Aspects of Gambling Machines”, CFS, March 1993, Toronto.

27. “Procedures for Approval Testing of Gambling Machines and Associated Equipment”, CFS, 1994-1996, Toronto.

28. “Skill, Chance and Mixed Skill and Chance”, Paper presented at CSFS 1999 annual meeting in Edmonton.

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